Look, if you are reading this page you probably know who I am, what I've done and whether you'd like to work with me or not. Even if you know you want to start, please read the letter below so we both start on the same page.
Written to you, by Trevor Chapman. April, 2018.

Dear Friend, 
The day has come. I am launching an inner-entrepreneurial-breakthrough-circle. The requests have been continual. With MIT Tech Review calling me a "Global Thought Leader" in digital; and, with Harvard Business Review (partnered with Vodafone) writing, "Today he is considered one of the greatest experts in digital marketing in the world..." I have simply had an inordinate amount of requests for a private membership where you can pick my brain on my nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience, digital strategy, etc.
The more I have considered it, the more it excites me.

Here is the plan:
Each month I am going to show you how I deconstruct a result, find the variables and the multipliers of any result based equation, and then show you how to achieve it... What are some examples of results?
1. Zero to a Million Followers in 45 Days.
2. Zero to Top Five Podcast (beating Tim Ferriss, Gary V, etc) in 25 days.
3. Zero to a Million in Sales in 90 days with no prior experience.
4. Zero to Eight Figure eComm Acquisition in 12 months (Zuckerberg only raised $2.5 million in 12 months).
5. Engineering deliberate media partnerships (CNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more).
6. Online and Brick and Mortar Mega Success.
7. Illustrating how I have directly mentored more than three dozen people to earning high seven figures annually, more who have earned low seven figures annually, hundreds (potentially thousands) who earn six figures annually, etc. 

tl;dr - I'll show you how to make money and be happy (tranquil, peace of mind).

I assume you know me or know of me well enough to skip this part, but if not, here is a brief introduction:
1. Seed or Early Stage Investor in nearly two dozen silicone valley startups:
Notable: Bitpay, Unsplash,, Orderful, and more.
2. Brick and Mortar entrepreneur for over a decade... companies' revenue over $100 million in that decade.
3. Multiple eComm Exits.
4. Multiple internet companies.
5. Majority owner in one of the largest, American-owned, logistics companies involved in worldwide freight, warehousing, pick/pack/shipping, manufacturing, and sourcing.

What I am best known for is digital strategy, digital marketing, and creating enterprise value online. You need it. I need it. The world needs it. We are rapidly changing and most businesses are going out of business who do NOT understand digital. I will teach you, engage in conversation with you, open my kimono to you, help you, show you, etc.

[!] I know there are others who have similar memberships -- there is one main difference... they make the lion's share of their money through "teaching" instead of "doing." Rest easy knowing that more than 90% of my revenue comes from actual service or product based businesses... real business. Not info.
"If Elon Musk and Tim Ferriss had a nephew, his name would be Trevor Chapman." - Elizabeth Shores, Founder, Untapped Shores 501c3
Trevor Chapman Harvard Business Review
"Trevor is the MOST TALENTED person I have seen in business in the last 25 years."
Bob McNulty, Retail Magnate. Sold for $220 Million, all cash, before Amazon existed.
Lets continue...

I want to make this scalable and over-deliver in every aspect... so, as a member you will get a few perks and bonuses that are exclusive and only available here.

1. Severely Discounted OR FREE Access to All Course Material Ever Made;

2. Opportunity to "meetup" in multiple cities each year throughout the world -- likely, once per quarter;

3. Discounts to our yearly mastermind (we have businessmen like Mitt Romney speak at our mastermind)... that alone is worth far more than you'll ever pay for this membership;

4. Engagement with me in our private group and group voxer channel;

5. Access to my network -- not just my business partners (businessmen like Ryan Davies, CEO of Curza; Dewey MacKay, former COO of MX, the largest banking software on the planet), but to my extended network. I believe in connecting and contributing. I will connect you to EVERYONE you need to take your business or enterprise to the next level;

6. Peeks inside my ad accounts;

7. The results of my campaigns, from eCommCon (which access we sell for $997, but you get free as a member) to our live events, I'll show you the methods and strategies employed for maximum efficacy;

8. Severe Discount or FREE trip to China for our eCommerce Sourcing/Manufacturing/Accelerator.

... and those, just to name a few of the bonuses and perks...
"Trevor thinks differently from ANY OTHER marketer I have ever met. If you have a chance to learn from him or work with him, you are highly lucky." - Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels CEO
How do I scale this?

Well, I don't. I only have so much time - as do you. So, to keep this as high level as possible, I am structuring the price in a manner that will keep the group full of high achievers and allow me to scale with value:

First: The group is currently limited to 100 people. Membership starts at $297. I will leave it at this price for 72 hours. From there, we move on to the price increase in step two.
Second: With each ten members, the price increases. So, throughout the first 50, the price doubles, ultimately to $4,752/month.  From there, it will be an incremental increase.
Wherever you sign on at, that is your price for life. You'll be grandfathered in. If you are the first ten, you'll be paying a couple hundred as the later entrepreneurs will be paying many, many thousands. 

I do this for two reasons:
1. I want to fill this quickly. I like early momentum. I feed off of accelerated velocity. You might too.
2. I thoroughly get along with action-takers; people who can make a decision with enough information (which is why this page has so much info written). I want to be friends with you. I want to work with you.

Is it worth it? Russell Brunson told me (yesterday) that he would pay "any price" for me to deconstruct my results monthly, "even in the form of only a newsletter." Lucky for you, it will be much more than a newsletter. 
"I want to introduce you to the most revolutionary thinker of our time, Trevor Chapman" - Alex Dee, 8Figure Entrepreneur
Don't know me super well, yet? Lets talk results:
The media trusts me. I am the mentor on CNBC's side hustle series where their staff launch eCommerce sites from zero to highly profitable in four weeks
The podcast community trusts me. I have thousands of five star reviews... typically, people give reviews only in the MOST EXTREME circumstances of anger, or happiness.
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